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Equus Quantitative Funds Brazil Index (IEFQB) at Capital Aberto

Equus Capital, inspired by the established American indexes, has created the Equus Quantitative Funds Brazil Index (IEFQB), designed to track the performance of the quantitative fund class in Brazil. During the analyzed period, it boasted a 58% return, in line with the Anbima Hedge Fund Index (IHFA) at 58.1%, but with notably lower volatility—3.4% compared to IHFA's 4.9%. In the article by @capital aberto, @Rubens Terra, CIO at Equus Capital, emphasizes the need for greater understanding and promotion of quantitative funds in Brazil. That is one of the reasons why we created the IEFQB. 

@Felipe Uchida, a partner of Equus Capital, is the portfolio manager of Equus Sistemático, a quantitative fund launched in 2023, and the person who created the index IEFQB. 

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